About us

About ChicoCal

Chico Cal was established in 1985 and is a competitive club operating under Region 6 of NorCal Premier and US Club Soccer. Many of the teams we play are from, within and around the greater Sacramento Area.

The club is small, intimate, and allows coaches and teams to develop their own style, level, and quantity of play.

Chico Cal focuses our effort on building teams around three values:

Family: The development of the players begins with the relationships they have with their own family, their team and their coaches. Support and commitment from the family significantly contributes to the progress of each player.

Work Ethic: Showing up to practice on time, listening and working hard in combination with respecting your coach and teammates improves physical skills and personal development.  Our job is to develop each players’ potential and limits.

Success: The right combination of coaching, teaching and training will produce results. Success is defined by personal improvement in soccer and life skills.  Success will be driven by quality coaching and training. By focusing on these elements, winning will be a likely outcome.

Season Schedule:

Regular Season league games typically begin the second weekend of August and extend through the third weekend of November, with the fourth weekends designated as "tournament weekends" in both September and October. Teams are formed after the tryouts in the Spring and usually begin training and practice by mid to late June. Many teams will attend two preseason tournaments over the summer, tournaments on the off weekends during the regular season and may attend post season tournaments (at the discretion of team coaches).

Home and Away games:

Expect up to 10 regular season games of which half will be at home and the other half away. Tournaments are usually attended in the greater Sacramento or Bay Areas and sometimes occur more locally in the Redding and Yuba City areas.

Code of Conduct:

We require coaches, parents, and players to remember we represent our club, our league and our community. It is our responsibility as coaches, managers and parents to set a standard for behavior and sportsmanship wherever we are. We expect that all spectators and parents will abide by the following:

  • Do not talk to or physically challenge a referee during or after a game
  • Do not coach players
  • Derogatory remarks, gestures or profanity will not be tolerated.
  • Coaches may question referees for clarification and will always use a respectful voice and attitude
  • Coaches will be responsible for their team's spectators and parents. A referee has the authority to send off a coach in response to unacceptable spectator or parent actions.
  • Coaches, spectators, parents and players are expected to relay only positive comments to the other teams' players.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, or dogs on the soccer grounds or parking lots.


Our club believes we possess the desire and ability to provide your child with the tools they need to become a skilled and competitive player. Teams are available beginning in the U9 Boys and Girls age group. Our program is not a recreational program and we ask that those wishing to participate understand this. There is a monetary and time investment required for the program to be successful. We are inviting all those players and their families to become more familiar with Chico Cal soccer. Ask us questions in an effort to decide if this next step is right for you. It is a commitment of time and cost. If you like the game of the world, we believe we have a program available that can provide your child with a good experience.


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